Bedroom Music

by Mother McKenzie

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Denver 04:00
Denver Your girlfriend’s got a big mouth She moans and complains The three of us were smoking cigarettes out by the planetarium I was an asteroid and she was the world And you were like the moon orbiting around her As I blew a plume of smoke in the shape of a road And dreamed of blowing town for good I’ve been coughing up Technicolor phlegm, My throat’s burning, and my empty cigarette packs take up the lonely space On me bed, next to me where your girlfriend used to sleep Her cheap perfume still lingers on my sheets As I fold my trembling hands and I beg God for help And in his laziness he replies “When you help yourself” Still I get to feeling pretty nauseas When I see you around the bend She tells you how to dress, how to act around her friends You put your hands in her pockets and your tongue in her mouth You even try on her panties when she gets drunk and passes out I’m not feeling suicidal but I’m feeling pretty low I’ll get drunk and hop a train to Denver, Colorado The pastor at my church said I could run across the map But eventually I’d see my own reflection and go back To feeling the same old resentments and I’d start my decline He said my insides are burning and outside everything’s just fine But I don’t care what he said; these sky scrapers make me bleed And there’s a girl out in Denver I really want to see So I’ll pack up what I need and I’ll leave behind the rest My nine to five job and all these warrants for my arrest I won’t say goodbye to her and I won’t say goodbye to you I give it three months before she finds somebody new I won’t miss this town a bit that’s something I just know And I’m going to find a home in Denver, Colorado
So you hitched your way back home From the gutters of Salt Lake City A shivering clump of skin and bone Like the body of Christ when I reached out to hold you And how I wanted to lie down in the shadows and watch the world poor Like streams of rainwater trailing down into the sewer So we got high and sat up in the mountains Under bright stars and heard the crickets chirping And you told me sad tails of sleeping in your car And pitching tents in the bathrooms of abandoned buildings And I dreamed of you wrapped up in blankets made of cardboard and snow Sighing and trembling; lips turning blue You cried “I am human, I exist And I puke and I piss And I still call my lost lovers name From the bed where we first kissed And I fall down and bleed I beg and I plead” And I tried to offer up my sympathy With squinted eyes and lifted hands But those drugs kept on racing through my body And your voice I could hardly understand My heart turned to static; my vision blurred The whole world was a rain cloud; just a warm fuzzy war I cried “I am human, I mainly think about me For I am animalistic and I am greedy And I’d rather bury my head in the clouds Than help a dear friend in need We could’ve lived our lives so brave Why do we live so afraid?” I saw the sun peaking out its head, I watched streams of butter melt over the valley And we stumbled back to my car And I dropped you off in some cold lonesome alley Where you found a cozy little dumpster and threw yourself in I watched you wave as my wheels rolled away, goodbye old friend We are merely human, we exist To see a shooting star and make a wish To go home, to take off all our clothes Look at our bodies in the mirror And long for things we’ll never have Wyatt- Vocals, guitar Andrew Yeghiazarian- Guitars Jonathan Realmuto- Drums Leonardo Banchik- Bass
Tattoo Song 03:56
My favorite nymphomaniac My apathetic animal On Thorazine, breathing loud, Licking bread crumbs from your upper lip, Spaghetti sauce spilt on your chin, A helicopter tongue to spin in circles consuming everything Oh I was in your wake; a drunken kid on summer break And how many years will bloom from this? I got your name tattooed on my wrist Let’s pretend we’re nihilists Let’s twist and sleep in tangled sheets Till august; sad and jobless Swimming naked in your neighbors pool felt so productive and so cool And I wanted you but kept my mouth shut Baby I wanted you and you just wanted everyone but 
This is where my patience ends You’ve gone to bed with all my friends And do they mean as much as I mean to you? My name’s tattooed on your wrist too And violence was the latest trend So violently you called to me And from shadows I emerged And others came to imitate our squeezing fists, our bulging veins In violence we found warmth Ten thousand “I love yous” disguised in jealous fits of rage Oh sticks and stones may break my bones But your words are meaningless and crude You hate the girls I bring around That must mean you feel something too
Beautiful Cage Was it brave of me 
To reach for the unreachable? She dressed like an Indian goddess And spoke like the wind Blowing calm through my mind Was I brave or was I blind To hold out these hands And say “come to me, Shy bird in this cage will you come?” Was it wise of me To seek answer from lips made unspeakable? All my questions, my intentions To fill all my life’s empty holes With words tired and numb Was it wise or was it dumb To hold out these hands Demanding “stay with me Lonely bird in this cage will you stay?” Let’s go out tonight, Flood the streets with our tears And sad music I don’t feel much like dancing tonight, I think I’d rather cry Oh I’m too numb to feel, Is this where love holds a place for me? This great gap in which I don’t care if I live or I die Was it right of me? I swam the Atlantic to find her In a white dress she stood, I was breathless and powerless, In awe! Having waited so long Was it right or was it wrong To unleash my heart And cry “come hold me, In this beautiful cage we can lie?” Shy bird, goodbye
Hide your shiny ball of light Hide it in the dark depths of your eyes Hide that racing blood beneath your veins And lay your sleepy head upon my pillow Baby I’m a tree stripped of its leaves Waiting for the spring to come and change me Waiting for this cloud to lift from me Just waiting to see my way clear If I can’t give you shelter anymore Then I can’t give you shelter anymore Hide that pretty face behind your hair And press those soft lips against your drink Hide your lonely heart in streams of wine You’re something wonderful I have, But cannot keep And these last days of holding on to you Have left my fingers blistered and tired So I’ll keep you in my faded memory 
A distant place that I can visit in my mind But if I can’t give you shelter anymore, Then I can’t give you shelter anymore
She’s an incarnation of God Turning human everywhere the roads criss-cross And she is tempted to turn towards destinations she can’t see Where so many live in dirt, wounded so brilliantly In the distant summer light, I watch her tumbling But her footsteps calm the earth as she moves by And many men approach her speaking ever so sly And she is tempted to fall into the arms of everyone Oh in sweaty beds humanity is born, 
In needy sex humanity is wonderful Into this fatal well will she plunge? So hard she’ll lose her faith and peace and warmth And in gutters will she writhe with only shadows at her side Or will I visit her in padded rooms at night? Feeding her bananas through a tiny crack of light OH GODDAMN IT’S SO EASY TO FALL DOWN! GODDAMN IT’S SO EASY TO FALL DOWN! GODDAMN IT’S SO EASY TO FALL DOWN I know it’s true, but we get up sometimes To heal the blind and sick with tails of our past lives She’s an incarnation of God And here is each puzzle piece that we have robbed Tiny fragments of one truth from stolen kisses in her room Shafts of light to fill our hollow heads Oh in naked arms I was born again
There are seventeen floors of courtrooms And seventeen floors of trials Seven lawyers breathing loud on an elevator And I can hear their livers turning to slime I stand among them and the criminals Men in nice suits or stained undershirts There’s a buck toothed giant with rats in his hair He whispers sweet things to thirteen year olds There are seventeen floors of people And I’m too tired to socialize With the file clerks stamping, and sighing, and waiting To go home and cuddle with someone I stand on the seventeenth floor I can look out the window and see everything from here I can scan all the rich neon gutters Where poke-a-dot faces turn and disappear I dream of a soft face beneath the eye liner Someone to shine so honest and bare Someone to light up and make up for all of the fucked up Glances like arrows through the air There are seventeen floors of prisoners In one form or another, it’s true All chained up, and tapping, and whistling, and hoping To go home and cuddle with someone And the security guards at the metal detectors Look the saddest of anyone in town I hear them talking about baseball with lost eyes escaping To dreams of chasing bad guys around And they’ll dig through your trays of car keys and loose change Just to feel so authoritative rush They get off work at dusk; feed their dogs and go to sleep And in the morning wake with dirty teeth to brush Such sadness in the drunk and disorderly Such sadness in the dealers and thieves Sad eyes searching, and scamming, and wishing To go home and cuddle with someone
Burning Bush 05:02
I mistook God for a prison guard Eating my candy cigarettes And letting my mind go in strange patterns While kneeling at the foot of my bed And all the corpses of his saints were scattered In the corners of my bedroom like wrinkled clothes And I believed that Christ was nailed to the ceiling fan And the cold air was haunted by his holy ghost And I looked at hell kind of like the basement Of my neighbors two doors down; Leather whips hung up on walls all painted black And I remember listening to my mom read the bible Forming shapes in my mind so strong and vivid I dreamed of sailing zoos and skies raining reptiles And I begged her to let me stay up late And I never ate the apples from the high kitchen counter In fear I’d damn the human race forever And we piled into church and I let those Sunday hymns Sink into me like warm apple cider And the devil would visit me and the kids on my street And beg us to steal candy from the corner shops and flee And when those warm fluffy clouds hovered above I wondered “what could this mean?” And on the fourth of July the neighbors talked As I drew pink crosses on their driveways with chalk And my dad lit off mortars he bought from some Indians That lived west of town in their trucks And all the kids would fight wars with bottle rockets And we’d each wake up with missing limbs And with no hands to pray I just squinted my eyes And pictured some ancient bush burning And gazing into those curious flames A voice loud and deep called out my name And how I wanted to dive into that mesmerizing fire And gaze upon his kingdom
I watched you fall
Beautiful bird And I held your bloody carcass In my palms I was shirtless, it was Sunday And the clouds were all congested And waiting to sneeze A cold steady rain Aint nothin’ but Cathy on my mind Only Cathy on my mind I’ll turn twenty one soon Will you take me out to dance? We can soak our shirts in champagne, We can smile, and we can laugh 
And when the perfect quiet comes I’ll reach out to touch your hand And we can watch the sun come up Through the window by my bed Aint nothin’ but Cathy on my mind Only Cathy on my mind Now the rain is pouring hard And I’m lying on my bed And the cranks are turning fast In this cozy little head And I’m listening to old records, Old cowboys sing of lonely hearts And highways And I plucked a single feather From the humming bird That died upon my driveway Aint nothin’ but Cathy on my mind Only Cathy on my mind


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released May 4, 2010

Produced by Ronald Corso and Wyatt McKenzie

for National SouthWestern Electronic Recordings


all rights reserved



Mother McKenzie Las Vegas, Nevada

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