Undulating Piss of Thee Angels or The Difficulty of Chasing a Dragon Forever

by Mother McKenzie

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released February 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Mother McKenzie Las Vegas, Nevada

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Track Name: Usher or Aborted Henry Darger
They aborted Henry Darger from your womb
Flowers folded to their buds, the sky was snowing all through June
And there were cobwebs in my breakfast, little bed bugs in my room
Reaching out to suck my blood and in this mess I reached for you

Now my usher, my protector, he is gone

Oh with your skin, a sun burned pink
I rubbed the tention from your back
I wiped away a million tears with this old handkerchief I had
And how I wondered why a man can't just spread his wings and fly
When a woman loses power among the battle fields of night

Now my usher, my protector, he is gone

They aborted Henry Darger from your womb
He was the king of every child, every flower clutching hand
Little bulbous baby fat, his tiny fingers reached to grasp
What is God? What is love?
Why is everything so sad?

Now my usher, my protector, he is gone
Track Name: Sunday Pornography or Feed Me Your Irish Curse
I came here on a rocket ship
I road the drugged out cloud
To find you knelt upon your leopard alter
Looking oh so proud
I rolled through hills of purple flowers
With the softest wind at my back
Baby rolling toward ocean sunsets
I found true love at last
I found true love at last

Oh to land here with these gritting teeth
And these sticky streams of sweat
Before the one I've always wanted babe
The one I've never met
I light my greasy hair on fire
I light my cigarette
And then I sit upon your velvet sofa
Waiting for what comes next
Waiting for what comes next

I hide my words in strange mazes
I tie my tongue in knots
I spit soda fountains across your cheeks
You seam to like me a lot
And then you tie my legs behind my head
Baby I'm your pretzel now
You tie a chained leash around my neck
And drag me all over town
Through places I've never seen

And I'm a little puppy dog
Or maybe a burning horse
I'm like a goldfish flopping around
Some public golf course
So feed me scraps of newspaper
Or feed me your Irish curse
and let the clock's hands move slowly babe
And let nature run its course
Let nature run its course
Track Name: Moonflowers or Betrayed Eachother Sexually
A hand over my eyes
Moonflowers bloom at night
You'll guide me... somewhere?

Lead me in your hand
To a place I'll understand
I've been living nowhere!

We betrayed each other with sex
We betrayed each other with sex
We betrayed

I like to ride beside you into sunsets
Into rainbows
Into storms

I like to stand beside you
And look at oceans
And look at rivers
And look at stars

But we betrayed each other with sex
We betrayed each other with sex
We betrayed

Oh the pale light of the moon
Put its fingers around my throat
To strangle me in ecstasy
Oh God I nearly choked

And now I like to stand on buildings
All those sky scraping buildings
Gazing downward
I like to stand on the top of buildings
All those sky scraping buildings
But I'm a coward
Track Name: High School Reunion or High School is Never Really Over
Okay now whose got the biggest toys?
And whose got the biggest stains?
Across their sheets, across their brains?
Whose got the prettiest girls who suck the biggest candy canes?
Who waits in lines? Who waits at all?
I hear you're teleporting, fuck pumping gas
It's the 21st century
And you grew up next to me

Okay now whose traveled across this earth?
Who can't keep track of what they're worth?
Whose running factories in Taiwan?
Full of little kids bread so strong
Whose afraid of being naked?
Whose afraid of spiders?
Whose afraid of nothing?
Set your heart on fire and crawl in bed with me
You grew up next to me

It's my high school reunion and I'm so high
I don't wanna live I don't wanna die

Who is smiling? Whose pretending?
Who breaks the hearts? Who does the mending?
Which spouse's money are you spending?
Whose mom and dad is always lending?
Whose lovely hairline is receding?
Whose lonely past won't stop repeating?
Who here is truly free?
You people grew up next to me

It's my high school reunion and I'm so high
(High school is never really over)
Don't wanna live I don't wanna die
Track Name: Burn for You or Lonesome Los Angeles
Waiting for subways in downtown Los Angeles
Riding in silence to dark whispering oceans
Waiting for heaven, distant constellations
Are shimmering above me, are you dreaming of me?

This is how I burn for you
This is how I burn for you

Flowers and succulents, tall swaying palm trees
Waiting on benches for buses to take me
Gazing through windows at cold faces passing
Searching and waiting and pondering and hoping

This is how I burn for you
This is how I burn for you

Waiting for midnight all tangled in warm sheets
I vanish into sleeping I vanish into dreaming
Reality was strong but it's become so muddy
And my sanity was strong but it's become so cloudy

And this is how I burn for you
This is how I burn for you
Track Name: Love and Poverty or The Girl that Pissed in Sinks
At night she pissed in the sink
When all the toilets were full
And I counted all the scars across her back
From a blanket on the floor
And I knew it was love
Cos I was so hopelessly poor
I knew it was love
I had only my flesh to offer her

So I gave her my skin
With the scent of our bodies unwashed
A scent that I grew to treasure like gold
But it scared our room mate more than god
Oh kiss me in this tangled mess of sheets
That we've fancied a bed
All our tossed bits of trash
Formed halos round our two kissing heads

"I used to count on rich men
I used to use them for their money, drugs, and sex
But you were so wild, reckless, and free
When I found you in the midnight's hidden depths"
We chased bottles of pills with vodka,
Woke with blood in toilet bowls
And I knew it was love
I could feel it through my body's thousand holes
Track Name: Brown Eyes or Sing Me Pretty Words (Kiss my Ass)
I lived for lust
I lived for lust
There were so many things I longed to feel
But I settled for just a touch

You were mine, mine, mine
I stole you from a friend
And wasted a year just trying to lift
My body from your cozy bed

I heard of a spot just beneath your hair
On the warm nape of your neck
That I could touch with my calloused fingertips
And make your eyes shine gold beams on my flesh

You were mine, mine, mine
We entered our union with woe
Let's hide when we come home and turn off the lights
Revealed by the morning's cruel glow

I heard of a joke I could whisper
Mold your cheeks into shapes I'd never seen
And it filled my heart with something so warm
I never thought you'd change the shape of me

You were mine, mine, mine
I courted you walking on glass
But you'd often come to prop my feet up
Sing me pretty words and kiss my ass

I said goodbye and you got pretty mad
I tried to explain you can't hold onto shame
Let go of the love that we had

You were mine, mine, mine
But let go of the love that we had
Life is a road you gotta walk on your own
Don't get glued to the landmarks you pass
Track Name: Gina or Mermaid out of Sea
My distracted desk girl, my mermaid out of sea
I see you've sprinkled all your pixie dust
Your empty handed misery
Your wavy hair, your weary eyes
Your lotion tattooed skin and me
Let's share a smoke
Let's share this world
Let's share a thousand long lost dreams
The wilderness, the coziness
Of an apartment gone awry
The orange haired cat that licked your cheek
And I was jealous every time
I kissed your neck, I kissed your lips,
I kissed your forehead and your spine
My frozen lips, my sleepy kiss
Spun wilderness in you and I
Stray pubic hair, loose underwear
A hoola hoop and pools of wine
Dripping from blood crusted lips
Upon a pillow next to mine
The rainy days, the summer rays
A thousand troubled nights
All troubled by love overwhelming,
Wilderness in you and I
A swinging cock, a broken clock
Means we've truly lost track of time
Nipples erect, my fingers pinched
I smelled the stench of dishes piled
Unsafe excursions through the shadow tinted streets
We cruised at night
And what's dripping from our bloody noses?
Wilderness in you and I
Your unveiled hips, perfection stripped
From baggy clothes, a hidden gem
A hoola hooping naked girl
My fiendish lover and best friend
My fiendish lover we'll kill each other
If we can't find out how to live
Among ourselves, two broken shells
Containing souls God can't forgive
Loose leaf paper, I'll be a waiter till my novel finds the light
We're dipping feathers in our blood
We're staying up all through the night
She'd write a verse, I'd take the next
We wrote a thousand drunken lines
Words forgotten, dirty cotton
Twenty hollow jugs of wine
Her blackened lungs, my abscessed arms
Our jealous screams and broken plates
Sneaking off, faintly pissed off
Branching out to new blind dates
But always lost when new partners came
It'll never be the same
Always lost when new partners came
Who could ever be the same?
Track Name: Some Kind of Fragment or Anabelle Lee
Your father's tattooed arms would hold you,
Comfort you,
You've searched your whole life
For some kind of fragment
I've got some tattoos,
I've got one on each wrist,
I got one on each arm
Even one across my heart
So baby come touch me

Anabelle Lee
What darkness has lead you to me?

I'll stand up, I'll speak with conviction
Say "Love's an addiction!
And all my affection!"
Strange chemicals race
When I smell flowers in your hair

Anabelle Lee
What devils have lead you to me?

Love becomes obsession
And there are broken bottles of wine
And there are broken vases of flowers
And you're all mine! You're all mine!
You're all mine!

When we drive in my car
We look through windows
Exploding with light and noise
Shifting patterns in passing crowds
I've got one hand on the wheel
The others caressing your left thigh

And Anabelle Lee
Not even Jesus could save you from me